Customer Comments

I never ask for feedback, but I really appreciate it when I do hear from my customers....

Hi Andrew, Just wanted to thank you again for your work on the minstrels.
I've played a couple of different albums and there is a noticeable difference - bass is punchier, treble sounds more refined. The whole imaging is more rounded and full - instruments and voices sound amazing, a great improvement on what I thought were already a great pair of speakers."
Royd Minstrel

"Andrew refurbished some speaker grilles for me. His attention to detail throughout the process was 10/10 - as was the finished product. Andrew is now my 'go to' guy for anything loudspeaker related! "

Mission 761

"Hi Andrew, I’m coming up to around 20hrs of use now and have to say I am massively impressed.
We had friends over for the weekend who was a fellow Hi-Fi nut until he decided to sell his records and system and is now very jealous! His comment was that he hadn’t heard Kate Bush’s Hounds of Love album sound so good in a long long time.
Thanks again for a job well done."

Castle Avon

"Dear Andrew,

Absolutely blown away by the improvement in sound quality you have given my Spendor BC1’s.

They were already lovely sounding, but your ministrations have raised them to a different level.

I can’t thank you enough."

Spendor BC1

"I wanted to email you having had my KEF 104AB speakers back from upgrading from you for a couple of weeks now.  I wanted to have a good listen to them before getting in touch. I have to say I am very impressed by the sound of them. 


As you know I have another identical pair which I thought sounded pretty good anyway but next to my newly refurbishes pair they now sound very dull indeed.   My “new” speakers have a much nicer, richer sound to them and the imaging is so much better.  The treble is spot on and the bass has a much better subtlety to it and I am hearing things in my music that I had not heard before with my other speakers.  You have done a fantastic job with them Andrew.


You actually saved me money by persuading me to go for a basic cabinet clean and oil rather than a full refurb, which I was favouring doing, as you felt it wasn’t necessary, and you were right.   I appreciated the reports and updates you sent me as you worked on my speakers. It built up the excitement to get them back.  The downside is that I now have to get my other 104Ab’s and other speakers upgraded to the same standard!


Thank you do much for the fantastic job you did Andrew I am so pleased I came to you to have the work done.  I will be a returning customer."

KEF 104aB

"Hi Andrew, I've just managed to wire up the JBL's to my Yamaha 2002 and they are absolutely amazing. They are fantastic, absolutely brilliant. They are even making MP3's sound amazing so once I get my turntable put on there they are going to be brilliant. Thank you so much, they sound amazing and I will go easy with them to begin with until we wear them in a bit"


"A great charity shop find! Mission designed for Denon featuring an Audax silk dome tweeter and British composit woofer. Andrew you have gone the extra mile and more, with a complete crossover rebuild, cable upgrade, gaskets, terminals and internal damping added. I greatly appeciate all you have done with my lovely little Denons to make them sing!"

Denon SC-M10K

"Hi Andrew, As you can imagine I have been busy playing old favourites- in particular my 'reference' recording which is Deep Purple Made in Japan (live) - original vinyl pressing of course! Even not run in there is an obvious improvement. In particular there is an improvement to instrument separation and they get less confused with complex passages. They are getting promoted back to main system speakers! Thank you very much, I am very happy with the results."
Goodmans LS3/5a

"Andrew, what have you done? I can’t stop grinning. The goosebumps are getting bigger with every, go to track, I can think of to test my NEW speakers!!!!
“On the run“ from Dark Side Of the Moon is absolutely awesome. 
You have certainly brought these speakers  back and I can’t thank you enough.Bloody good job!"

JBL L80t

"Andrew recovered the speaker grills of my 15-year old Mission e83’s - he sent me photos of every stage of the process and the job was done and returned to me within a week. Can’t recommend him and his service enough - they look like they're straight out of the box again. Although this was only a cosmetic restoration, I could not recommend him enough and wouldn’t hesitate to commission a more thorough restoration if and when the time comes."

Mission Elegance 83

"Hi Andrew, Well today's the day. Finally got to setup the speakers. Amazing. Gone through a good repertoire of albums from Queen to Adele via Mike Oldfield and Stevie Wonder. Going to investigate the classical and jazz archives later. Listening to everything like it's the first time and the detail is incredible. So pleased with them and looking forward to running them in over the coming weeks. Thank you again. Incredible job."

Celestion Ditton 44

"I have them installed and playing now, absolutely beautiful sound, to me they sound way better than they ever did. Truly amazed by there clarity. I’m so so happy you have done these, I know my dear old dad would of been extremely happy to see them fully refurbished to better than ever and back in use. I will cherish these and pass them on to my son. My sincere thanks for your knowledge and support and updates along there journey." 
Jim Rogers JR149

"Hi Andrew, I hope you don’t mind me dropping you a quick email to thank you for the absolutely superb refurbishment if my Mk1 Kanns? I wanted to wait for a few weeks now that I’ve had a little time to listen to them. Quite frankly, they have never sounded as good - the soundstage is no longer ‘three dimensional’ - it is four! The timing is even more tight with a purity that beggars belief. I’ve tried them with my main system (source was SME model 20) and they are not out of their depth at all. I cannot recommend your work highly enough and thank you again for your wonderful work."

Linn Kan MK1

"Hi Andrew, Home for 9 last night but still managed to try the speakers out.....All I can say is they are just fabulous. I'd forgotten how good they sound.....and that's not just on vinyl but CD, t'Interweb music and even TV music. My wife is also  super impressed so they must be good. Thanks so much for your work.....they'll outlast me. It's Saturday afternoon and I'm now watching rugby on TV with sound off and Pink Floyd playing through the speakers! Again, thanks so much."
Celestion Ditton 44
"Hi Andrew, I thought you would like to know that my Snells which you restored are sounding absolutely amazing! I knew they would need a little while to burn in and so I wasn't expecting them to sound perfect straight out of the box. In fact, at first I was quite under whelmed with how they sounded. Quite muffled, not much of anything and not musical at all, but I knew that I just needed to get some hours on them. My listening sessions (Friday and Saturday evenings) are about 4/5 hours typically, and I remember of the second session actually during the course of one side of vinyl, the sound noticeably changed (on both speakers). They then gradually started to sound better and better to the point where last night I was sitting there in wonderment at what my hi-fi was doing. I am SO pleased with them."
Snell Type K

"Very professional. Did great updates, reports and pictures of the restorative process! They sound immence, possibly the best sounding BC1's in the world. My friend agreed they now sound spectacular and he is usually critical of my restoraion decisions. Thank you so much, I can't recommend enough!"

Spendor BC1

"Hi Andrew, finally got some free time to connect up the JBL’s, I wanted to relish the moment, so waited until I had some free time to appreciate the sound. I’ve only listened for short while thus far, but must say that they sound really good - arguably even better than when they were new."


JBL L100 Century

"Pulled back from the abyss, my beloved JR 149's are now looking and sounding fantastic again. The culmination of your immense skill and empathetic restoration.

Congratulations and may many more classic vintage speakers benefit from your deft touch in the coming years."

Jim Rogers JR149

"Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say I've been testing the Ditton 25's and could not be happier with the results. They sound and look amazing after your work and its been a pleasure working through some of my favourite music and how they handle different styles and very much looking forward to using them for many years to come. Thanks again, I thoroughly enjoyed the restoration process, your approach to feedback and progress updates and work undertaken on the speakers was fantastic."

Celestion Ditton 25

"Very high quality of restoration. First class communication and shipment. My highest recommendation for anyone looking for professionally restored classic loudspeakers."

Spendor BC1

"Cannot recommend Andrew enough very high standard of work, great knowledge which helped me select the right speakers and friendly. The Keesonics I chose look great and sound even better. A++++++++"

Keesonic Super Kubs

"What a delightful experience yesterday. The Phobos bravely started with ..Crazy Train by Ozzy (son used to play  it in pubs);  Fleetwood Mac and finally twas brave and played whole Nova Twins album !

So I am still smiling and cannot believe how you well you have wielded your magic wand on them."

Jim Rogers Phobos

"Hi Andrew, Thought I’d let you know the 66s are magnificent. Like the 25s but even bigger scale, with real presence and scope."

Celestion Ditton 66

"Hi Andrew, I listened to the speakers yesterday. Thank you so much. They sound... transformed. I'm over the moon. If they indeed last another 40 years, I'll be 77. Fingers crossed: one of my kids will love music as much as we do, and the speakers will live for another generation. All the best."
Bowers & Wilkins DM6

"Hi Andrew, The R50s are sounding fantastic. I knew they were good speakers of their time but the rebuild you have given has made them so musical and remarkable in all departments. The Kef set up for these large Transmission Line speakers works so well now with new B110 midrange drivers, and they sound really detailed, beautifully balanced with weight and warmth even at low volume. Thank you for your professionalism in both your work and advice."


Cambridge R50

"Hi Andrew, I installed them both, the small Radionettes and the 5010's. Playing through a Tandberg Huldra 10.
First, what an improvement for the 5010's! An amazing improvement. I expected them to maybe be a bit harsh (monitor like as you said), but I don't think so, however much more open than Version 1. They are wonderful!

The small Radionettes was a big surprise! I did that for fun and to save them, no expectation, but they are great little speakers. Open and "fjord like", like how I think the Seas character is.
I really enjoy both of them. I think the Radionettes is an ideal speaker of that size. Very happy with them. And the restoration you did, it is just totally fantastic! What a transformation. They looked really awful and now they look like new!

Thanks so much for restoring them!"

Tandberg 5010 & Radionette

"So arise Sir Andrew. Well, after a few tweaks with partnering kit and positioning your superb upgrade has paid big dividends.  I kind of envisaged  'the sound' improvements to be what i am now hearing (having used them before)  but nevertheless very happy with my budget Celef monitors after your expert work. I have hooked them up to a all-valve amp - 4 preamp and 4 power tubes - JJ 'Tesla' EL34 MK2's .... a deliberate choice as i am listening to mainly classical and jazz on this 2nd system during the day. Run in period will improve the overall sound and at same time i am also running in 2 NOS preamp 12AU7s and i cut 2 (new) short lengths of Janzen solid core 17AWG pure copper speaker cables. So give it a couple of weeks and this budget system will be really singing."

Celef Domestic 1

"Dear Andrew, Wow, l am almost in tears listening to my sounds. They really do pack some punch now. Listening to John Grant Pale Green Ghosts and hearing just so much more. You can physically feel it in your chest and there's much better balance and range of sounds all delivered together effortlessly. Oh man vive la difference!. 

I share your passion in good listening and can honestly say l am blown away with the difference. Percussion so detailed, fantastic bass and, once l remembered the brilliance and mid range volume controls! awesome high-end. 
I am going to be listening to the 1970s Martin USA hihi fidelity speakers with joy. It's like having an ear transplant.
Andrew a huge heartfelt thanks, l am blown away at how marvelous these 1974 loudspeakers performances are its like listening to live music."
Martin Acoustics Maxi-Max
"I feel compelled to communicate my pleasure at the work Andrew has carried out on my speakers. It is worth recognising the kind of hobby we are involved in makes us discerning with anything related to the equipment we enjoy listening to our music with. 
I found Andrew diligent and professional, and pleasing that he is so passionate, and clearly didn't know when to stop! I was surprised the skills Andrew possessed in many areas and indeed is particularly necessary for the refurbishments that are taken on. Ongoing progress was reported following a full diagnostic report which only served to heighten interest on the works carried out, which in turn led to enthusiasm for the finished result. 
My refurbishment of two pairs of speakers provided improvements in how the speakers sounded and indeed looked upon their return. In addition I asked for some improvements to the way I wanted to connect the speakers for the future. 
I was pleased with the costs provided which seemed to me to be very fair for the works carried out. I would have no hesitation in recommending for the works Andrew is capable of" 
HFA Transmission Lines
LINN DMS Isobarik

"Hi Andrew, Just fitted the castle drivers....they sound great. I can now hear bass notes rather than bass buzzes! Many thanks for your excellent service."

Castle Severn Drivers

"Hi Andrew, Just wanted to say thank you so much for the work on my Ditton 66's.

The cabinets look amazing and the sound, wow. They have never sounded this good since I have owned them and I doubt they looked and sounded this good out of the factory. I can only imagine how great they will sound once the capacitors have burned in. I don't think it will take me long to get to the 60hrs as I have pretty much been listening non stop since I got them home!"

Celestion Ditton 66

"Hi Andrew, Just to let you know that the Kans arrived yesterday afternoon. They sound very good indeed. a significant improvement, even my wife has had to agree. Clearly some hours required before full burn-in, which I look forward to. Lovely timbre, instrument separation and improved stereo imagery. Thanks again, great work. Its good to see that you have had the foresight to keep these old classic speakers alive and I wish your business every success."

"Hi Andrew, It's been far too long , but I wanted to come back to you regarding my Kef 104ab's that you did such a fantastic job on. Needless to say that the sound is amazing and everything you said in your last mail has borne out. They are a truly stunning set of speakers that have brought my music collection to life, all the better for the matched componentry you installed. As you said, beautiful sounds at all levels and the stereo imaging is superb. They've burned-in well and have a beautiful richness of sound.

Sadly the Sansui AU-5900 amp they were originally matched with died a final death recently, but after plenty of research I replaced it with a modern Yamaha A-S701, which complements the speakers' "slightly warm" characteristics beautifully. I hate to admit it, but it is actually a significant step up. I'm extremely pleased, although I know how Yamaha as a brand can divide opinions in hi-fi afficionado circles. Anyhow, the sound is superb whether through vinyl, cd, radio or streaming.
Much of my listening is late evening with the rest of the family in bed, and with a varible loudness function that cuts midrange whilst still allowing the bass and treble to shine, I'm able to enjoy all of your craftsmanship, on top of that of the original Kef engineers."
"Hello Andrew, I ended up getting back quite late, but still had time to set-up and have a listen using several different amps and kept volume levels fairly low and then had a good session this morning. And, wow !, what can i say. A vast improvement on every level. Greatily improved stereo imaging, detail and clarity. On some tracks, which have a lot of detail, my ears / brain have a mini scramble/reset as they decipher the detail! Many thanks again!"
Celef PE1

"Hi Andrew, I spent last night putting them through their paces with a whole load of genres, and they sound amazing. I definitely do not need the Havants as well. They are really clear and warm, and a delight to listen to. Thank you so much. I just need to find the best position for them and get some stands and I'm away. Really delighted with them and your service and will recommend you to anyone who needs your services.Thanks again."

Goodmans Magnum K2

"Andrew has done an excellent job restoring my Videoton GB3 speakers.
Frequent updates, photos of progress and great communication throughout.
The restored speakers sound superb. If you want your speakers restored, look no further."

Videoton GB3

"Hello Andrew - Thought I'd let you know the Tangents are settling nicely and the sound is very good. My wife likes the finish too, thanks for all your work"

Tangent RS4

"Finally got the MA3's wired up today. Fantastic job, I can hear the detail in everything again. Very happy with the result, thank you again."

Monitor Audio MA3

"Hi Andrew, speakers sound fantastic, thanks so much. Played them back to back against my Tannoy DC10Ts and prefer the 601s!"

Bose 601

"Hi Andrew, the KEF 104a/b sound unbelievable. Thank you for your hard work and for you flexibility during lockdown. You clearly have a passion for optimising these vintage speakers. I will certainly use your services again."


"Hi Andrew, We received the speakers today and installed them. What a treat! Thank you so much and we will take good care of them."

Wharfedale Linton 3XP

"Thank you very much for your professional service. Your work is impeccable. 

 Listening to the Ruark's now and kept on checking if I left the center channel speaker on even though I am playing them through a pair of stereo naim nap250's. I can't believe the difference, just amazing. Feel free to add the pictures to your gallery if you wish. Thanks again for bringing my speakers back to life. Totally amazing and can't wait for them to fully bed in. Even so, they sound beautiful right now."

Ruark Templar II

"Hi Andrew,

Just a brief note to say thanks for the marvellous job which you did on my speakers.

I have only just been able to listen to them properly, and they sound magnificent, much more detail than I’ve ever noticed before. I’m sure that after a while, they will sound even better.

Its been my good fortune to have done business with you."

Wharfedale Dovedale III

"Just a quick note to say thank you for the excellently restored Minimax's. They are happily chugging along powered by a Rogers Cadet fed by a high res internet feed through a Chord Poly /Mojo and sounding superb. I love combining the best of old and new hi fidelity and this works beautifully.
Once again, many thanks!"

Videton Minimax II (late editions)

Having great pleasure listening to the rejuvenated Celefs - thank you"
Celef PE1

"Morning Andrew, Just a short note to say how delighted I am with your restoration of my Spendor BC3 speakers. I had honestly forgotten how good the quality of the sound is that they emit. It’s like a whole new listening experience and they look good as well!"

Spendor BC3

"Those Heathkit units are simply superb. My son lifted them into position for me and what with the coupled sub-woofer, they sound incredible! Enough bass to "feel" it in the chest, even at low volumes. I am so very thankful to you Andrew in helping me to buy these wonderful vintage speakers, well worth waiting fifty plus years for!"

Heathkit AS-9560

"Hello Andrew, I have to tell you that before I could listen to the G8's I had to buy some bannana plugs and as soon as they came I played a couple of favourite tracks on cd after positioning the speakers that looked right. I found that I had tears in my eyes; tears of joy and happiness. The sound stage was so perfect and the bass was much better than I expected. I played the cd on a Rotel CD player through a vintage Sansui amp. I kept the volume down which was still a room filling and beautiful sound." 

Goodmans Dimension 8

"Hello Andrew,
The Saras have been delivered and set up. I'm very pleased with the sound, the updated tweeter sounds much more civilised and gives them more 'air'. This is without losing any of the excitement and also makes them less particular about recording quality. Revisiting alot of favourite albums! In short, very happy, thank you."

LINN Sara Isobarik

"Needless to say the speakers are back on their stands and they not only look stunning but sound like they are brand new. All six of the speakers are all so clear and defined and each at their own frequency, nice clean, crisp and deep! Sounds a bit cheesy but they sound unbelievable, and certainly nothing like the ones I sent down to you! The improved clarity of the music in tandem with my KEF Q750’s is fantastic. I have to say, even with my speakers being with yourself for refurbishment, I had toyed with replacing the main amplifier and the KEF speakers, but not now. I really wish I could recommend you to all my family and friends, but the sad thing is, none of them have ‘proper’ hi-fi’s. With most relying on their mobiles or laptops for source and playback, what is the world coming to! Needless to say if I do find I have more speakers or if anyone else needs their speakers refurbished I definitely will recommend your good self."

Wharfedale Dovedale 3

"Hello Andrew, CX100 beovox speakers have "warmed up" and are sounding superb. Clear and detailed sound with my amp. Enough bass to make that big difference. Also a large compliment on your communication and workmanship. First -class in all respects."

B&O CX100

"Excellent job,the old Tangents really sing!"

Tangent TM1

"I cannot recommend Andrew enough. Superb speakers, thanks."

Wharfedale E50

"Hi Andrew, It dawns on me that I never got round to thanking you for rejuvenating 
my much-loved speakers, though I've had them back for over four months. 
So: thank you very much. It's heartening that there are still corners of 
the audio world in which the 'throw it away and get another one' 
attitude has not yet taken over."

Tannoy Revolution R2

"Put the AR18 on a shelf with backs to the wall and let them run continuously for week. All good. More than good, just incredible. I had no idea that they can sound so good given their vintage. Much more dynamic than I can ever remember them from 35 years ago. Nice work anapeach!"

Acoustic Research AR18S

"Just listening to a spot of Classic FM, these Conways are absolutely superb, I don’t think they ever sounded this good! Thank you so much."

Castle Conway

"Just a short email to let you know I got the speakers back and managed to have some time with them over the weekend. I was initially sceptical about doing this with speakers this old but since they have personal history, I took a chance.

The ongoing comms and photos of progress was reassuring and it does make a difference. 
I have to be honest, I wasn’t expecting a big difference and I was used to the old sound. But it did make a difference. I can now hear much more from the same music source than before and it’s wonderful to hear them -  perhaps sound as they always should have. You’ve done an excellent job. I’ll now enjoy my records all over again. Oh - speaker grills really finish them off too. 
Great job - well done"
Wilmslow Audio Transmission Line

"'A' Grade item. A Beautifully restored, a real touch of class. Thank you..."

Celestion Ditton 15

"The speakers look and sound great, they're even showing up any badly recorded music. Also I can sense that my amplifier isn't doing them justice, I've been looking at a decent tube amp, I think I'll take the plunge, the speakers now deserve it."

Celestion Ditton 44

"Thank you so much for the excellent restoration of my beloved DM3's, the work you have done has brought them back to their top performance, in fact, better than new! It took about a month of use for the new components to burn-in and now it's taken them up another level. I can't stop listening to them, thank you so much for a superb service from start to finish"



Celef PE1

"Hi Andrew, The loudspeakers have turned up thank you. Very well wrapped and just being played now. They look great thank you and sound amazing so far. Using vinyl so far they are very detailed with good imaging and great treble. Delighted, thank you."

 Videoton DB1312a

"Hi Andrew, one word sums it up, WOW!!

I know that you said they will need a good number of hours before they settle in fully, but I have to say, when i reconnected them, there was an instant difference (well, i could certainly notice), it was literally like listening to a new hi-fi set up. I am thrilled with them, and pound for pound value, i have to say, its the best money i have spent for a long long time. Thank you so much, i am now playing my music a lot more than I have for some time, which in its self is a good thing.You must be one of lifes best kept secrets. Thank you."
Mordaunt Short MS700

"I thought I would personally thank you for a great pair of speakers. I love them. Just hooked them up to my old NAD 3020, and Sade is at this very moment telling me My Love Is King ! Good work. Appreciate it."


"Hi Andrew
They are brilliant already - moved to tears by Bruch's Scottish Fantasy - pretty good with Led Zep also"

 B&W DM3 

'Hello Andrew. Great news they are sounding as they should. 
Just listening to Sinatra again. Sounds superb, so pleased with the Wharfedales. Sound just keeps getting better.'
Wharfedale Glendale XP2

"Hi Andrew, Just wanted to let you know that I hooked the Goodwoods up and am totally blown away! Have played the two American Beauty albums ; Grateful Dead and Thomas Newman.
The Dead playing Candy Man and in contrast Thomas Newman's much more modern clinical production showed how well the Goodmans can do both jobs. They exceed my expectations."

Goodmans Goodwood

The tweeters are in and working perfectly, thank you, I have done nothing but listen to great music all night... wife not so pleased.
Thank you again. Great service"
Rogers Studio 1a Tweeter Repair

"Thanks a lot!
The Mission are simply...delicious?
Linked with my Nad Model 140

Mission Model 70

"Got the speakers today (Castle Kendals). Wanted to send you a thank you for the very well done restoration. I am enjoying the neutral sound of these: reminds me a bit of BBC monitors, especially when listening to female vocals. Look forward to seeing what other restorations you put up in the future."

Castle Kendal

"Dear Andrew I've just fired up the Wharfedale Denton 3XP through my new valve amplifier. Wow ! You really know your trade, I am delighted. These speakers sound to me better than any modern speakers costing £300 + each. Richness, smoothness and bass and treble perfectly musically balanced. Use this email from me as a recommendation of the highest order in anyway you wish. Absolutely great!"

Wharfedale Denton 3XP

"Thankyou for restoring my Art Audio speakers.As an audio enthusiast for over 40 years, your attention to detail is second to none. The speakers look and sound wonderful.They were bought for pennies secondhand and will easily compete with new speakers well north of £1k.It amazes me why people waste so much money on new speakers with inferior drivers when an older quality speaker when
properly restored will outperform at a fraction of the cost."

Art Illusion One

"Hi Andrew, Just a thank you for the good job on the speakers, currently on continously!"

JBL L100

"Hi Andrew, they are here and are great! Thanks for doing a great job! I will recommend you to my friends and family, great to have proper service and dedication in this day and age."

B&O Beovox 1702

"Hi Andrew just to let you know the drivers sound amazing you have done a really good job, after 20 odd years now I finally got my 2 Jamo Pro's set up in the front room and sounding  fantastic, hopefully they will last another 20 years! Again Andrew you have done a really good job, very happy now, thank you so much for all your time and work and effort you put in getting these speakers sorted for me, many thanks and all the best for the future"

Jamo Professional 200

"Thank you for refoaming and realigning the main drivers in my vintage Akai speakers. They are sounding wonderful. Your attention to detail and the quality of your customer service is second to none. I will happily order from you again as well as recommend you to my friends."

Akai SR-H44

"Just received the speakers - I think it is safe to say that no further gainful work will be undertaken today. I love the sweet nature of these speakers, partnered with my Cyrus 8. Absolutely top class - we need you to keep our cherished hifi in everyday use!"

B&O Beovox C30

"Very smart, sound good. Thanks for very prompt service, excellent"

Castle Richmond MK1

"Excellent Speakers .Tutto Perfetto .GRAZIE . Very happy"

Wharfedale 505.2

"Beautifully restored. Highly qualified and carefully packaged. Thank you"

Bang & Olufsen S25

"I got the Kendal's today! This is a whole new level for me. The other speakers I got from you are excellent too, but with these it's like a different world opened up. The imaging is so good, the higher frequencies (which is my weak spot) are so smooth and nice! They look stunning too. Love them with the stands. This is the best sound I have ever had."

Castle Kendal

"Extremely helpful seller, item arrived quickly, superbly packaged and very happy!"

 Castle Kendal 

"Can't recommend Andrew highly enough. These speakers look and sound incredible!"

 Bang & Olufsen Beovox S55 

"I got the B&O's today, many thanks! They look fantastic and they sound fantastic as well."

Bang & Olusen Beovox 2702

"Just received the speakers - really chuffed!"

Wharfedale Linton 2

"The Dentons arrived today, that was incredibly fast! I made my own cables, "Andrew style", and connected them. They sound delicious and they look fantastic! What a great job you have done! Speaker restoration is an art, and you are an artist. For a connoisseur of vintage hifi without the practical skills to do any such work myself, your artistry is invaluable!"

Wharfedale Denton

"Beautiful sound, beautifully restored. Amazing item, thank you so much."

Bang & Olufsen Beovox 1702

"Beautifully Restored And Finished Speakers"

Castle Richmond

"Thanks for dropping the speakers off today. I'm already smitten, they are wonderful. I'm so glad I took a leap into the unknown - as soon as I pressed play I could hear how much sharper the midrange and imaging was. This is exactly the area that was nagging me, I honestly don't think I'll need to consider a contemporary design as these sound fantastic and should keep me happy for a few years. That's saved about a grand for starters.

The bass weight is there too, again it's much tighter and any worries about fullness were misguided. From a smaller box they're delivering all the heft but in a much sharper form. I'm hearing little details like ghost strokes on cymbals now.

Two thumbs up, my highest accolade! I really, really love them. Thanks again for everything, good luck"

Keesonic KRF

"Great Loudspeakers ! Sounding awesome"

Acoustic Energy AE109

"They are sounding and looking lovely! Many thanks!"

Mordaunt Short MS400

"Better than I was thinking, a nice restored classic vintage british loudspeaker."

Castle Richmond II

"That's the place where I will buy my next pair of speakers. Best service ever!"

Bang & Olufsen Beovox S45


Celestion Ditton 300

"Very Happy, Thank you. I am now using these instead of my Dm330s for now!"   B&W DS3


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